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Broker Post-Licensing Courses

The primary objective of each course is to provide instruction at the level beyond that provided in the real estate pre-licensing course on topics deemed to be of special importance to licensees. Persons issued  original real estate licenses after completing the Broker Pre-licensing Course and passing the state real estate license examination are issued  broker licenses on “provisional” status. These “provisional” brokers are required to complete 90 hours of post-licensing education within 3 years of initial licensure in order to retain their licenses on active status. At least one of the three 30-hour post-licensing courses described below must be completed during each of the first three years after initial licensure to remain eligible for active status. A provisional broker may elect to take two or all three courses during the first year after licensure.

Licensees are required to take at least one post-licensing course on or before the first anniversary date of their licensure. If they fail to complete at least one post-licensing course by this time, their real estate licenses will be placed on inactive status. The same is true for the second post-licensing course and second anniversary date of licensure. However, if North Carolina licensees fail to complete their third and final post-licensing course by the third anniversary date of licensure, their North Carolina real estate licenses will be placed on inactive status. Upon completion of all three courses, the “provisional” status of the brokers’ licenses are removed.