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Broker Pre-Licensing Course

The Real Estate Broker Pre-Licensing course is an introductory level real estate principles and practices course with heavy emphasis on real estate brokerage law and practice. The satisfactory completion of the 75-hour pre-license course will qualify the student to take the North Carolina State real estate license examination. The primary objectives of this course are (1) to provide student with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to act as a licensed real estate broker in a manner that protects and serves the public interest and (2) to prepare student for the North Carolina State real estate license examination.


Broker Post-Licensing Course

The primary objective of each course is to provide instruction at the level beyond that provided in the real estate pre-licensing course on topics deemed to be of special importance to licensees. Persons issued an original real estate license after completing the Broker Pre-licensing Course and passing the state real estate license examination are issued broker license on “provisional” status. These “provisional” brokers are required to complete 90 hours of post-licensing education within 18 months of initial licensure in order to retain their licenses on active status.


Broker Relationships & Responsibilities (301)

Topics addressed in this course include a review of agency relationships in real estate sales transactions and a real estate agent’s legal duties to clients and customers, step-by-step review and discussion of the functions and responsibilities of a real estate agent when working with residential sellers and buyers, a review of issues associated with agent compensation and agents changing firms, and a review of license status and education issues.


Contracts & Closings (302)

Topics addressed in this course include selected basic contract law concepts, real estate sales contract preparation, sales contract procedures, closing procedures, closing statement preparation, and real estate license status and education issues.



NC Laws, Rules, & Legal Concepts (303)

This course will cover NC Licensing requirements, compensation issues, and the disciplinary process, as well as, specialized types of real estate, property management, and miscellaneous NC legal concepts and laws.